Famous director to team up with Vijay Antony .. New planning alliance

Vijay Antony is currently acting as a comedian in several films. A few films like Agni Wings, Khaki, Mountain Man, Murder, Beggar 2, Blood and many more are nearing completion. The film crew plans to release Beggar 2 in theaters soon.

In this situation, the famous director Suchindran, who has Vijay Antony, is planning to direct a film. That too is to be taken as a Pan Indian film. Recently, many films made in Tamil are being made as Pan Indian films. Thus the heroes are able to impress many language fans.

In this situation, for the first time, Vijay Antony Pan will act in an Indian film directed by Suchindran. Initially released under the direction of Suchindranath, films like Vanilla Kapoor, I Am Not Mahan, Pandyanad were well received among the fans.

But the films he has released in motion recently have not attracted much fans. He continues to give failed films. Thus no actor gave him a chance. In this situation, Vijay has given a chance to Antony Suchindran.

It is questionable to what extent this coalition, which is joining for the first time, will succeed. But the film is set in the jungle. It has been reported that Suchindran is currently going to the forest and writing the story of the film.

It is said that the shooting of the film will start as soon as possible. The official announcement will be released in a few days. Vijay Antony’s next films are waiting to be released to entertain his fans.

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