Famous Tamil comedian who has teamed up with Shah Rukh Khan .. a film that will be made in another level combo

Director Aadli Shahrukh Khan is directing the Bollywood movie Lion. The film was shot in Mumbai. The photos of Shah Rukh Khan went viral on the internet. It was also reported that Shah Rukh Khan will be playing a double role in the film.

Lady Superstar Nayantara plays the heroine in the movie Lion. Actress Priyamani also plays an important role in the film. Also, Sania Malhotra and Sunil Grover play the lead roles. It has been reported that Yogibabu is currently starring in the film.

Yogi Babu is currently one of the unavoidable comedians in Tamil cinema. And currently Yogi Babu is a sticky actor. Many directors are waiting for his callsheet. He also starred in the recently released Vijay starrer Beast.

In this situation, Yogi Babu is making his Bollywood debut with the Lion movie. Yogibabu has posted the photos taken with the film crew and Shah Rukh Khan on his social media page. In it, Yogibabu posts that Aadli and GK are brothers with a photo of him with Vishnu.

Yogibabu, who was initially unrecognized, has now got the chance to play Shah Rukh Khan in the film. Also, Yogi Babu will fall in love with Nayanthara in Nelson’s Kolamavu Kokila.

Acting with Nayanthara again in the film has raised the expectations of the fans as to what kind of character she will have. Currently Yogi Babu is acting in many films in Tamil too. Yogibabu has been proving till now that beauty is not important for more talent.

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