Theres been a long, abundant history of fangirls throughout the generations. As soon as upon a time, there were young women losing their minds at the sight of Elvis Presley strutting his things on the phase. Simply a couple of short years later on, there was Beatlemania sweeping throughout the world. The 80s saw the New Kids on the Block trend in complete swing, and the start of the 21st century saw the increase of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys — thanks in no little part to their dedicated fanbases. It can be found in waves, however fangirls are never ever quiet, and honestly, its about time that they got their due in movie type. Now well have superfans: shrieking. sobbing. tossing up., a brand-new documentary from director-manufacturer Gia Coppola, presently in the works.


Per Due Date, superfans: shrieking. sobbing. tossing up. is based upon Larger Than Life: A History of Young Boy Bands from NKOTB to BTS by Maria Sherman, a reporter and life-long fangirl. Released back in 2020, the book checks out the different fangirl experiences and motions of the 80s, 90s, and 00s, while likewise highlighting how the dedicated women, women, and queer fans turned their undying love for their preferred kid bands into multi-billion dollar franchises that have actually controlled the airwaves and popular culture at big in their particular times. In addition to checking out the abovementioned NKOTB, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and BTS, this book likewise dives into the commitment derived from New Edition and One Instructions throughout their times in the spotlight. The in-the-works documentary is anticipated to explore this exact same area, too.

While fangirls have actually been viewed as unimportant and ultra-feminine throughout the years, as Sherman composes and Due date reports, there are numerous layers to their ingrained gratitude for their preferred bands that dont frequently get seen. superfans will check out a series of fan groups and the distinctions theyve made to the bands they stan, especially with 1Ds fan-generated LBGTQIA+ motions and BTS ARMYs Black Lives Matter assistance. Therefore, this documentary will be an event of the unique commitment that can last life times in between the fans and these kid bands, and the unique relationships that can spring forth from their commitment, which can lead to intense, however likewise restorative, cathartic, and recovery, ways.

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In addition to Coppola connected to produce and direct, superfans will originate from manufacturer Jason Bateman for his business Aggregate Movies, together with Michael Costigan. The documentary is anticipated to pay appropriate regard to fangirls enjoy and commitment to their preferred bands, while likewise exploring what makes them tick. Itll ideally discover the best balance of love and expedition along the method, which well see quickly enough.

Heres what Coppola stated:

Im a happy pop fangirl, so the chance to equate Marias modern, sharp, enjoyable book into documentary type, a format Ive been yearning to meddle, is beyond interesting. Im delighted for the cooperation in between the skilled partners at Aggregate and XTR.

There is presently no release date set for superfans.