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Fans in the AK 61 movie should not expect all of these things! Shocking information ..

The AK 61 crew is something to avoid

Ajith, the rising star of Tamil cinema, is currently starring in his upcoming 61st film AK 61.

Ajith, Vinod and Bonnie Kapoor have teamed up again for this film following the films including Interview Vision and Strength.

It was recently reported that the film, which is set in Hyderabad, will star Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani and Veera.

In this case, the information about the AK 61 movie has been released again, and accordingly, all the songs in the film, which will be composed by composer Zibran, have been omitted.

It is also rumored that the crew will focus more on the background music for the film.

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