Fans who just started lamenting about Commander 66 movie! No scenes like this ..

Lamenting fans on the internet

Following the film Commander Vijay Beast, which is becoming the top star of Tamil cinema, he is acting in Commander 66 directed by Vamsi.

A big set has been set up in Hyderabad and shooting is in full swing there. Besides, the list of stars who will be starring in the film was being compiled till yesterday.

Fans have been releasing various memes about the film, which will star a large star cast.

Meanwhile fans are now starting to lament about Commander 66 movie. Yes, it was officially announced yesterday that actress Sangita will be starring in the film.

Thus the fans are lamenting that Rashmika and Sangeeta both posted the scene where they acted together and avoided scenes like this.

Have you seen actress Rashmika’s younger sister .. she looks just like her sister

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