Fans who made a fuss by dropping the air in Anupama’s car! Shocking incident at the store opening ceremony

Actress Anupama Parameswaran is currently focusing more on Telugu films. She recently went viral when she starred in the kissing scene in the movie Rowdy Boys.

Shop Opening Ceremony

In this situation, Anupama has recently gone to a shop opening ceremony in Telangana. There is a large fan base gathered to see him.

He too looked at the fans as usual and shook hands and went to open the shop. The shock was just waiting when he came out.

The fans cheered

Anupama came out and tried to get in the car but was surrounded by fans. Many have tried to take Selby with him.

And some people who can’t take selfies have blown air in Anupama’s car. After that, the police chased away the fans, saved Anupama and sent her in another car.

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