Fans who saw MG Rray .. The guy who started the thieves in the farm house

Actor MGR is the undisputed king of Tamil cinema. He got the opportunity to act after great struggles and in a short time he became an actor who was celebrated by the fans. His screen image was of the then state party, the DMK. Very helpful to the corporation. The milk of Anna’s devotion was given to MGR who was in that party. After Anna’s demise, he left the party due to internal party conflict, started the AIADMK party and ruled alone, which was a nightmare for many.

No one has talked about him since then. His house in Ramapuram, Chennai is one of the most sought after places in the country today. M.G.R. One who can always be calm. Largely he would not express his anger to anyone.

He who fits everything has no mind to adapt it if someone makes a mistake unnecessarily. There are stories that if he is angry with someone he will take them to his Ramavaram home and beat them up. Going a step further, claims that he beat some people there and buried them in the garden were common then.

In a recent interview, retired police inspector Mr. Varadarajan said that Mr. MGR had once gone abroad with his assistant in a car. They drove the car a little faster because it was night time. Suddenly four people hijacked his car while he was on his way. They usually have to turn over vehicles passing through that area at night and extort money.

The MGR’s assistant got out of the car as soon as the car was diverted and asked them what they wanted. As they were talking the four of them looked inside the car to see who was inside the matchbox and found the MGR. The MGR’s assistant took a stick from the cart and attacked them before they could tell the cart that they believed him.

MGR told the assistant to stop. Why are you stealing like this? As asked. They say it doesn’t work and that’s why we survive like this. Immediately MGR gave the four of them Rs.1000 and left with the money saying keep this and do some work, you who claim to be my fan should not steal anymore.

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