Father of actor Vijay who harshly criticized director Nelson! Beast movie affair ..

Criticism of the SAC

Beast is a movie directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Commander Vijay. Released with high expectations, the film received rave reviews.

Thus, the film did not do well in any place other than Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, KGF 2 was released and was well received by the Tamil people, making Vijay a hit in Tamil Nadu.

In this case, Vijay’s father SAC has spoken about the Beast movie in a recent interview. In it Beast holds his accusation about the film.

He said, “I criticize the film as a director, as a director. Put aside Vijay’s father. Secondly, the hero I introduced would like to go one step further in every film.

Even if it goes down just a half step, alas it would be as annoying as my herowatch. The kidnappers in the Beast movie have nothing to fear from being terrorists. This is because of the bad script of the film. ”

Sun TV has released the actual collection of Annatha movie! Bleaching fans ..

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