Fewer theaters available for Vijay film by Dhanush and Karthi films!

Supreme star Vijay

Vijay is an actor who has become the supreme river star of Tamil cinema and today his fame is being celebrated in other states beyond Tamil cinema.

In that sense, the soon-to-be-released Beast movie starring him is out in Pan India.

But a few years ago Vijay was in a very bad period and it is a well known fact that his films continued to fail.

Police movie

It was at such a time that the film Vijay Kavalan was released and Vijay Kavalan was to be released after a series of televisions.

Dhanush’s pitch and Karthi’s leopard were also released along with the film. Vijay’s Police has got less theaters.

But even then the police film was well received and well received and was a huge success.

The main celebrity who is making his debut in Tamil cinema from the show ‘Cook with Clown’!

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