Find out why Manjree Fadnis told his grandmother the true inspiration

Mumbai-Who doesn’t remember the time spent with his grandmother and grandma? Grandparents are a treasure trove of unconditional love, warmth and the best of things. The grandparents’ relationship with the children is truly extraordinary and cannot be described in words.


Expressing her unconditional love for her beloved grandmother, actress Manjari Fadnis says that her grandmother is a true inspiration of her life.

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Nani ❤️❤️❤️ born in 1930. She was a classical music teacher in Narsinghad & Bhopal all her life. She was also a singer at All India Radio… super cool for her times. She at the age of 89/90 used to go swimming & to the gym. She even booked herself for a solo trip at the age of 82 to Singapore Malaysia Hongkong with a group tour. She’s super cool & one of the most inspiring women I know. 3

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– Manjari Fadnnis (@manjarifadnnis) 16 Apr 2022

In a post on the Swadeshi social media platform Koo App, Manjari wrote, “She was also a singer on All India Radio … great for her time. She swam and went to the gym at the age of 89/90. She is very good and one of the most inspiring women I know. “


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