Finest Thanksgiving motion photos of all time

When one thinks of vacation motion photos, the first element that springs to ideas is presumably Christmas. With novel releases per annum at both the sphere situation of job and on streaming products and services, moreover to all those classic favorites we know and love, there’s no shortage of Christmas motion photos to add to your watch checklist. But amid all that Yuletide cheer, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be forgotten—and there are a form of motion photos that align with turkey day, many of which will likely be an delicious addition to seasonal traditions.

Stacker analyzed data from Letterboxd, IMDb, and Metacritic to gruesome the very best-rated Thanksgiving movies of all time. To obtain out which motion photos would qualify, our consultants surveyed the history of film, comprehensive film databases, and legit editorial compilations of Thanksgiving motion photos.

At Stacker, we peep that genre is intended to aid list and keep up a correspondence the vibe of a film, no longer to again as a limiting element on what movies can and would possibly per chance well perchance no longer be. There are no laborious and quick guidelines that outline a Thanksgiving film, and we agree that leaning into more open interpretations of what suits in sure fringe genres is simplest put collectively for increasing a pool of flicks that represent all doubtless expressions of a explicit sub-genre. As a consequence, we in point of fact appropriate any film that takes situation over Thanksgiving, or involves well-known Thanksgiving scenes, to be section of our “simplest of” checklist.

Handiest feature movies had been in point of fact appropriate (sorry, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”), and each film needed to be watched by a minimal of 1,000 Letterboxd users. Films are ranked by Letterboxd rankings, with initial ties broken by IMDb particular person ratings and secondary ties broken by Metascore. Letterboxd rankings are out of 5, IMDb rankings are out of 10, and Metascores are out of 100.

Withhold reading to see if any of your favorites made the checklist.

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#25. Droll Folks (2009)

– Director: Judd Apatow

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 2.99

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.3

– Metascore: 60

– Runtime: 146 min

Starring Adam Sandler as a comic with monetary success but no real chums, the film “Droll Folks” builds on subject issues of family, connection, and love. When his newly hired employee invitations him home for Thanksgiving, Sandler’s character, “George,” makes a toast all the device thru Thanksgiving dinner that finally ends up being surprisingly heartfelt, and the scene remains an iconic vacation film 2d.

#24. For Your Consideration (2006)

– Director: Christopher Guest

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 2.99

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.3

– Metascore: 68

– Runtime: 86 min

One amongst Christopher Guest’s renowned mockumentaries, “For Your Consideration” is the anecdote of a neighborhood of actors correct finishing production on a film referred to as “Home for Purim.” They obtain out the film is generating some Oscar buzz, which, in their pleasure, results in some over-the-top habits. Studio executives obtain entangled as neatly, renaming the film “Home for Thanksgiving” since the common title is deemed “too Jewish.” No doubt, all of it involves nothing when simplest one of the most actors is even nominated and so they need to all return to their accepted lives.

#23. What’s Cooking? (2000)

– Director: Gurinder Chadha

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.07

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.0

– Metascore: 57

– Runtime: 109 min

This British/American dramedy tells of 4 diverse families celebrating Thanksgiving in their very bask in systems, with reports which would possibly per chance well perchance perchance be all somehow intertwined. As each family prepares its meal, combining used American turkey with particular cultural dishes, the families furthermore battle with generation gaps, sibling squabbles, and sudden guests.

#22. Alice’s Restaurant (1969)

– Director: Arthur Penn

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.13

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.3

– Metascore: null

– Runtime: 111 min

An adaptation of the 1967 folks tune “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” written by Arlo Guthrie, Guthrie performs himself—a drifter who connects with chums for Thanksgiving. Issues recede sideways when all of them pick to spend a load of trash to the dump, simplest to search out the dump closed. They toss the trash off a cliff, which ends in police involvement, criminal data, and a bunch of alternative problems. Combining both comedic and more solemn moments, the film touches on relationships between family and chums, moreover to the affect of the 1960s counterculture on society at trim.

#21. Home for the Holidays (1995)

– Director: Jodie Foster

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.20

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.6

– Metascore: 56

– Runtime: 103 min

Fixed with a short anecdote by Chris Radant and directed by Jodie Foster, this film showcases the regularly hilarious actuality of family dynamics all the device thru the holidays, when a girl decides to utilize Thanksgiving alongside with her dysfunctional family. Whereas the film wasn’t in point of fact appropriate a industrial success, Foster was praised for her directorial work, and actress Claire Danes was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her characteristic.

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#20. Grumpy Ragged Men (1993)

– Director: Donald Petrie

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.22

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.0

– Metascore: 53

– Runtime: 103 min

Acting greats Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau shine in this 1993 vacation comedy about feuding chums who both turn into romantically attracted to their novel neighbor, played by Ann-Margret. Issues simplest obtain worse when their love ardour spends Thanksgiving with one more man, and the opposite two men spend rivalry to novel heights as they try and galvanize the neighbor. The film was a surprise hit, with total earnings of more than $70 million, and generated a sequel, “Grumpier Ragged Men,” in 1995.

#19. One Staunch Part (1998)

– Director: Carl Franklin

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.24

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.0

– Metascore: 63

– Runtime: 127 min

Fixed with the original by Anna Quindlen, and loosely in accordance alongside with her bask in existence experiences, “One Staunch Part” is a film just a few young girl, played by Renée Zellweger, who comes home to love her terminally sick mother, all whereas trying to navigate their fractured relationship all the device thru what’s going to be their final Thanksgiving and Christmas collectively. Meryl Streep, who performs Zellweger’s mother, was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her characteristic within the film.

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#18. The War at Home (1996)

– Director: Emilio Estevez

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.25

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.0

– Metascore: null

– Runtime: 123 min

A Vietnam battle hero comes home, finding it sophisticated to return to “accepted” miniature-metropolis existence, moreover to to his situation within his family. Conducted by Emilio Estevez, who furthermore directed the film, the considerable character of Jeremy deals with PTSD and lengthy-held resentment toward his father (Martin Sheen, Estevez’s real-existence father) for no longer helping him evade the draft. It culminates at Thanksgiving dinner when Jeremy appears in his uniform and finally ends up pulling a gun on his father in exasperate. Playing off subject issues of estrangement and the Vietnam battle generation, the film furthermore specializes within the foundation of family battle being corresponding to the stresses of battle.

#17. Pieces of April (2003)

– Director: Peter Hedges

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.26

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.0

– Metascore: 70

– Runtime: 80 min

Katie Holmes displays off her acting chops in this funny and charming off-beat film just a few young girl trying to originate her first Thanksgiving dinner for her estranged family, as all of them kind out her mother’s cancer evaluation. Holmes’ laborious-edged character earnestly tries to place a turkey, within the hunt for out her less-than-fervent neighbors for aid when her oven quits working. Whereas the meal doesn’t recede precisely as deliberate, the family all finally ends up all the device in which thru the desk collectively, finding a thread of connection regardless of their variations.

#16. You’ve Purchased Mail (1998)

– Director: Nora Ephron

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.28

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.6

– Metascore: 57

– Runtime: 119 min

Whereas the point of interest of “You’ve Purchased Mail” isn’t centered straight around Thanksgiving, the anecdote does happen all the device thru the holidays and has turn into a mighty-loved classic. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan superstar as two individuals furious about an on-line romance; no longer vivid one one more’s real identities as enterprise competitors, they fracture up falling in love. The film opened in December 1998 and grossed more than $250 million worldwide.

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#15. The Home of Creep (1997)

– Director: Mark Waters

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.32

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.6

– Metascore: 54

– Runtime: 85 min

This dark comedy tells of a young man bringing his novel girlfriend (Tori Spelling) home to meet his family for Thanksgiving, no longer expecting that his psychotic twin sister (Parker Posey) would possibly per chance well perchance no longer be too overjoyed about it. Financed by Spelling’s father’s company, Spelling Leisure, the film debuted to mediocre opinions and failed to originate support its modest $1.5 million price range. Nonetheless it did recede on to bask in a chunk a cult following, and Parker Posey garnered Particular Jury Recognition at the 1997 Sundance Movie Competition.

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#14. The Daytrippers (1996)

– Director: Greg Mottola

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.33

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.8

– Metascore: null

– Runtime: 87 min

The day after Thanksgiving, a girl named Eliza finds what she thinks is a love showcase to her husband whereas cleansing her home. She displays it to her mother, environment off a loopy chain of events whereby her total family decides to force to Recent York to confront the husband and obtain out the truth. Alongside the near, they seek for some equally surprising truths about their relationships with one one more, moreover to assembly some attention-grabbing characters all the device thru their hunt for Eliza’s husband.

#13. Addams Family Values (1993)

– Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.46

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.7

– Metascore: 62

– Runtime: 94 min

On this sequel to the 1991 film, “The Addams Family” the total beloved characters return as Uncle Fester weds loopy nanny Debbie, who plots to fracture Fester and spend his fortune. The film debuted on Nov. 19, 1993, correct in time for the shuttle season, and Wednesday’s portrayal of Pocahontas in her camp’s Thanksgiving play items the tone for the correct, albeit twisted, seasonal film.

#12. The Large Kick again (1983)

– Director: Lawrence Kasdan

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.46

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.2

– Metascore: 61

– Runtime: 105 min

When an outdated skool buddy dies by suicide, a neighborhood of outdated college chums gathers over Thanksgiving weekend to reminisce about who they had been and who they’ve turn into. Whereas the anecdote products and services all the device in which thru the loss of life of a loved one, it is furthermore a heartwarming reminder about how as soon as in a whereas the family now we bask in is the one we obtain. The film was nominated for multiple Oscars, a Golden Globe, and a British Academy of Movie and Television Arts award (BAFTA), and won the Folks’s Alternative Award at the Toronto Movie Competition in 1983.

#11. Avalon (1990)

– Director: Barry Levinson

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.50

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.2

– Metascore: null

– Runtime: 128 min

The third in a sequence of semi-autobiographical movies by director Barry Levinson, Avalon explores a Jewish family’s integration into American custom. The family can’t appear to join, which culminates on Thanksgiving when their Uncle Gabriel, played by Lou Jacobi, arrives leisurely for dinner to search out they’ve started without him. His outrage—”You carve the turkey without me?”—results in more drama, estrangement, and loss. “Avalon” was seriously acclaimed and was nominated for Oscars in different classes, moreover to for Golden Globes for Finest Circulate Image, Finest Screenplay, and Finest Fashioned Score.

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#10. Krisha (2015)

– Director: Trey Edward Shults

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.55

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.2

– Metascore: 86

– Runtime: 83 min

Starring author-director Trey Edward Shults’ real-existence aunt, Krisha Fairchild, “Krisha” is the anecdote of a girl combating dependancy, who attempts to reconnect alongside with her family by making ready Thanksgiving dinner for them. The film was adapted from a short film Shults furthermore wrote and directed, and debuted in 2015 at the South by Southwest Movie Competition. It bought well-known acclaim and has a Depraved Tomatoes rating of 95%.

#9. Nobody’s Fool (1994)

– Director: Robert Benton

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.57

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.4

– Metascore: 86

– Runtime: 110 min

Paul Newman performs an increasing older hustler living in a miniature metropolis who tries to navigate love and relationships as he involves terms with the do his existence has ended up. The film takes situation over the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving, and highlights the loneliness of both Newman’s character and individuals around him. Newman was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for his characteristic within the film.

#8. Mistress The usa (2015)

– Director: Noah Baumbach

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.61

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.7

– Metascore: 75

– Runtime: 84 min

School student Tracy, played by Lola Kirke, is alone and lonely in Recent York Metropolis, so she seeks out her soon-to-be stepsister, Brooke, played by Greta Gerwig. The 2 turn into chums and spend a watch at to accomplish financing for a cafe Brooke needs to open, which within the fracture results in a falling out and betrayal. When Tracy finds herself alone again on Thanksgiving, she finally ends up reconnecting with Brooke and the 2 utilize the shuttle collectively, discovering a tenuous bond they didn’t know existed.

#7. The Recent World (2005)

– Director: Terrence Malick

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.68

– IMDb particular person rating: 6.7

– Metascore: 69

– Runtime: 135 min

A dramatic retelling of the first Thanksgiving, “The Recent World” stars Colin Farrell as Capt. John Smith, who becomes romantically enthusiastic with Native American Pocahontas, played by Q’orianka Kilcher. The film was launched on Dec. 25, 2005, and Kilcher’s performance earned her an American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Award for Notorious Actress in a Circulate Image.

#6. Scent of a Lady (1992)

– Director: Martin Brest

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.71

– IMDb particular person rating: 8.0

– Metascore: 59

– Runtime: 156 min

When student Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell) takes a job over Thanksgiving weekend to aid love a girl’s blind uncle (Al Pacino) he finds it to be a mighty higher project than he had imagined. Pacino’s portrayal of retired Navy ranger Frank Slade garnered huge accolades, and Pacino won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Finest Actor.

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#5. Planes, Trains and Autos (1987)

– Director: John Hughes

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.74

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.6

– Metascore: 72

– Runtime: 93 min

Doubtlessly one of doubtlessly the most neatly-identified Thanksgiving motion photos up to now, “Planes, Trains and Autos” takes Steve Martin and John Candy on a wild comedic race as Martin’s character tries to acquire home for Thanksgiving, whereas Candy’s neatly-which near aid brings nothing but catastrophe. The film marked director John Hughes’ first try at making a film geared more toward adults than the teen motion photos he was identified for, and whereas it wasn’t an immense industrial success, it has remained a vacation classic.

#4. The Ice Storm (1997)

– Director: Ang Lee

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.76

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.4

– Metascore: 72

– Runtime: 112 min

Situation in 1973 all the device thru Thanksgiving weekend, “The Ice Storm” tells of two disconnected families that turn into enmeshed in sexual experimentation and drug utilize, all of which within the fracture results in tragedy. Starring Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Christina Ricci, and Elijah Wood, the film was nominated for several awards, and Weaver won a BAFTA for Finest Supporting Actress.

#3. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

– Director: Woody Allen

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 3.97

– IMDb particular person rating: 7.9

– Metascore: 90

– Runtime: 107 min

This Woody Allen film follows a family over two years, beginning and ending with Thanksgiving dinner. Whereas Hannah (Mia Farrow) deals alongside with her husband’s infatuation alongside with her sister, Lee (Barbara Hershey), the third sister, Holly (Dianne Wiest), many cases fails at every career she tries. Opening on Feb. 7, 1986, it was one of Allen’s greatest field situation of job hits, grossing more than $35 million worldwide.

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#2. Rocky (1976)

– Director: John G. Avildsen

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 4.01

– IMDb particular person rating: 8.1

– Metascore: 70

– Runtime: 120 min

Whereas “Rocky” would possibly per chance well perchance no longer be in point of fact appropriate a quintessential Thanksgiving chronicle, the battle that takes situation at the Thanksgiving desk all the device thru the film is a reminder of the difficulties of family gatherings. When Rocky attends Thanksgiving dinner at his girlfriend Adrian’s home, she and her brother obtain into an argument that results within the turkey being thrown open air. Rocky and Adrian recede away and recede ice-skating as their burgeoning romance blooms.

#1. The Final Waltz (1978)

– Director: Martin Scorsese

– Letterboxd particular person rating: 4.05

– IMDb particular person rating: 8.2

– Metascore: 88

– Runtime: 117 min

Directed by Martin Scorsese, “The Final Waltz” is a documentary just a few farewell dwell performance the musical neighborhood The Band conducted on Thanksgiving Day in 1976. Playing are living songs interspersed with interviews and studio segments, it aspects many huge-establish artists, equivalent to Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond. The film maintains a 98% rating on Depraved Tomatoes and is taken into fable by many to be one of doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing dwell performance motion photos of all time.

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