First look poster of Commander 66 movie with title .. Heat Flying Next Update

Vijay is starring in his 66th film directed by Vamsi Bidybili. The film is set to focus on family sentiment. Sarathkumar also plays an important role as Vijay’s father. Also starring Rashmika Mandana, Sham and many more.

The crew has gone to Hyderabad for re-shooting after the initial shooting of the film was completed in Hyderabad. The crew has decided to hurry up and release the film ahead of this year’s Diwali festival.

In this situation, a mass update of the film Commander 66 has been released. Vijay has a habit of always releasing the first look poster of his films on his birthday. Similarly, the poster of Commander 66 has been released on Vijay’s birthday, June 21.

It is said that the title of the film will be the name of Vijay’s character. It’s all set to come out to fans on June 21st. Also Commander 66 has been released as a pan Indian film in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

The big question mark is whether the film will live up to the expectations of Vijay fans as Commander 66 is said to be less of a fight scene and a more sentimental family film.

That means Vijay can take the pinny pedal in dance and fight scenes. But the lack of fight scenes in the film is likely to make Vijay fans dissatisfied. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that Vijay will create a box office record.

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