For the first time in Tamil Nadu, only Vijay has done a great job! No one else did ..

Beast is a recently released film directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Tamil cinema’s top star Commander Vijay.

The highly anticipated Beast movie received mixed reviews from everyone.

The Beast movie was a smash hit in all but Tamil Nadu, so it was reported that the film had failed miserably there.

Vijay only record

In this context, information has come out about the greatest achievement made by the Commander in Tamil Nadu at present. Yes, it has been reported that the Beast movie has grossed Rs 100 crore in Tamil Nadu alone.

This is the first time an actor’s film has grossed Rs 100 crore for the fifth time.

1. Mersel

2. Government

3. Pigil

4. Master

5. Beast

Vijay’s Beast in a Clean Washout – Will it be like this tomorrow in 10 days?

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