Forget Thor: Wonder Woman 3 Has the best Role for Lena Headey

Forget Thor: Wonder Woman 3 Has the best Role for Lena Headey
Forget Thor: Wonder Woman 3 Has the best Role for Lena Headey

Thor: Love and Thunder won’t feature Lena Headey, however Wonder Woman 3 can cast the Game of Thrones actor as Diana’s a lot of magical villain.

Thor: Love as well as Thunder is currently launching in movie theaters, returning Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder to the large display for the first time considering that 2019. Lena Headey was implied to star in the 4th Thor motion picture, however her function was evidently cut.

A 3rd Wonder Woman motion picture is presently in the works, though details on where it will take the character remain unknown. However, the most likely bad guy will be Circe, a role that would certainly be perfect for Headey. With Marvel Studios stopping working to generate Headey, right here’s exactly how WB Discovery could reverse that mistake for a magical role.

That Is Circe, Wonder Woman’s Most Magical Nemesis?

Circe in the DC Universe is meant to be the same sorceress that allured Odysseus’ men during the occasions of Homer’s The Odyssey. Though she appeared freely in the Golden and Bronze Age journeys of the Amazing Amazon, it had not been till the Modern Age of Comic Books that Circe truly came to be a strong part of Wonder Woman’s Rogues’ Gallery. Reintroduced by the late-great George Pérez as well as Gregg Potter, this Circe had vast wonderful powers that made even Wonder Woman vulnerable to her. Apparently defeated in the crossover event War of the Gods, she returned in the temporal kind of Donna Milton, uninformed of her past. Ultimately, nevertheless, she returned to villainy, ruling alongside Ares and also The Cheetah in Princess Diana’s Trinity of Villainy.

At the very same time, she’s still one of Wonder Woman’s most noticeable adversaries, which indicates she’s most likely going to be the major antagonist in Wonder Woman 3. With this reality unofficial, a spreading for Circe is also up in the air, yet the best woman for the task might be a Game of Thrones alumnus.

Lena Headey Would Make a Great DCEU Circe

Lena Headey is known for playing Cersei Lannister in the HBO collection Game of Thrones. Shrewd, desperate as well as vengeful to attain power any way she can, Cersei shares much more similarities to DC’s Circe than just a name. Circe is also manipulative, utilizing her witchy wiles to develop threats against Wonder Woman and also others that stand in her way. This is why she’s been restored in countless connections, as she straight contrasts the heroism of Diana. Her derision for all else besides her own desires would likewise help to make a non-sympathetic bad guy out of her on the cinema.

Obviously, having a popular star like Headey play her would certainly elevate her profile. Wonder Woman 3 needs this sort of energy to actually hype up target markets, particularly after the frustration of Wonder Woman 1984. Headey absolutely has the chops to depict Circe well, and her experience on Game of Thrones makes fantasy nothing brand-new for her, either. After that there’s the fact that she was dropped from Thor: Love and also Thunder, so she’s yet to truly jump into the superhero flick world. That movie would certainly’ve been a method to do so while still playing in her dream field, and also the function of Circe in Wonder Woman 3 provides the specific same experience.

Though it will not include Lena Headey, Thor: Love and also Thunder is now premiering in movie theaters.

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