If you asked a television connoisseur to name shows with excellent writing, theyd most likely rave about classics like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. By any opportunity, would a comedy about 6 Brand-new Yorkers make it? While the cherished series Pals flourishes on impressive humor and a powerhouse cast, theres no rejecting that the quality of its movie script—episode after episode, season after season—is superior.

Heres one strong piece of proof: in its decade-long run, Pals has actually managed some outstanding plot twists. Through extremely composed set-ups and bombshell moments, the series has actually produced its reasonable share of enthralled “ooohs” from its fanbase. 10 specific twists (or “pivots,” if you occur to be Ross Gellar) still have us reeling to this day.

It Was Janice All Along

Chandlers misfortune with the women was developed early on in the series. In season 1, he breaks up with Janice (Maggie Wheeler) two times, the 2nd time occurring on no less than Valentines Day. Obviously, there was no expect Mr. Bing in the romantic department.

Nevertheless, it appeared as though Chandlers fortunes were kipping down the season 2 ending. Thanks to the development called Web chatroom, Chandler discovered himself going back and forth with what seemed like a remarkable lady to be with. Towards completion of the episode, Chandler paces nervously inside the Central Advantage, when the lady lastly shows up for their initially-ever encounter in the flesh. This was no first, though: Chandlers Web fling ended up being none aside from Janice.


The Original Phoebe?

Throughout the series, Phoebe pieces together the essential elements of her past in order to develop a firm sense of self. It was no simple accomplishment, however, as her encounter with Phoebe Abbott showed.

In the season 3 ending, Phoebe was depending on Ms. Abbott to clarify the identity and location of her dad. Nevertheless, when the senior Phoebe revokes a supper date that was meant for this function, the more youthful Phoebe get into her home and a fight takes place. Abbott lastly relents, and drops a Darth Vader-esque expose: she is really Pheebs birth mom.

What Takes Place In China…

The property of Pals pilot episode was Ross rediscovery of his sensations for his high school crush Rachel. Throughout season 1, Ross might never ever summon the will to totally confess his feelings for Rachel, who merely sees him as a buddy.

However, after Chandler accidentally reveals the degree of Ross sensations, Rachel ultimately recognizes that she would want to reciprocate his love. Throughout the closing moments of the season ending, she goes to the airport and excitedly awaits his return from China. Little did she understand that Ross wouldnt be returning alone; Dr. Gellar was now indulging in the business of his brand-new sweetheart, Julie.

…And After That Theres Vegas

The season 5 ending was a quite eventful one. In between Phoebes strong fight with a fruit machine lurker and Joeys stint as a costumed character at Caesars palace, the episode was loaded with shenanigans worthwhile of Las Vegas. For a minute, too, it appeared that Monica and Chandler were poised to end up being a legally wedded couple.

When the 2 enthusiasts reached a chapel to get married, they discover that a specific couple has actually beaten them to the punch. The doors swing open, and the identity of the simply wed couple is exposed: the extremely inebriated tandem of Ross and Rachel.

The Test In The Garbage

Monica and Chandler did navigate to preparing their own wedding event, which would end up being the centerpiece of the series seventh season. Nevertheless, in the season ending, Chandler vanishes after getting cold feet at the possibility of veteran dedication. This stresses Rachel and Phoebe, who quickly choose not to inform Monica about this important information.

While the ladies (well, primarily Rachel) attempt to pull themselves together in Monicas restroom, Phoebe finds a pregnancy test in the garbage, and concludes that the bride is bring a child. Nevertheless, after Chandler and Monica exchange their pledges, Monica rejects having actually taken any pregnancy test. The cam then focuses on the face of Rachel—the pal who was really (and remarkably) anticipating a kid.

This Isnt What It Appears Like


Joey accidentally proposing to Rachel