Prior to the increase of Letterboxd, IMDb was the location to go to voice your viewpoint on movies. The popular site was the conclusive website for movie conversation, from offering a star score to publishing on the now-defunct message boards, and even leaving your own review on a movies page.

Among IMDbs most discussed functions is its listing of the top 250 movies ranked on the site. The list is a collection of classics from the early years of movie, work of arts from the last fifty years, and well-known current releases. Below is a listing of the best movies of each years given that the 1920s, as voted by IMDb users.

Metropolitan Area (1927)

A quiet science-fiction movie from Germany, Metropolitan Area is embeded in a futuristic city where the fortunate lives in a utopia above the working class. When a young kid finds the fact about the city, he partner with a good-hearted instructor to conserve those caught below them.

Launched in 1927, the movie went through lots of cuts throughout the years, varying from efforts to decrease its length (the initial print ran approximately 2 and a half hours) and the order to eliminate communist undertones. Efforts to bring back the initial movie have actually taken place over current years, with the current being launched in 2010.


Modern Times (1936)

Another quiet movie, this time coming from America, Modern Times is a funny composed, directed by, and starring quiet movie legend Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin plays a factory employee who suffers a worried breakdown. The taking place occasions trigger him to have a number of confrontations with the law while starting a relationship with a homeless lady.

Produced as commentary on the Great Anxiety, and the challenges lots of employees dealt with, its representation of bad monetary and operating conditions is still appropriate today. Modern Times is likewise a funny funny regardless of its political undertones, as Chaplin discovers himself in one uncomfortable scenario after another.

Its a Fantastic Life (1946)


The cast of Its a Wonderful Life