Full collection details of Kgf 2 movie splashing in Tamil Nadu and around the world- Mixing Yash

If there is one Kannada movie that is a hit in India, it is Kgf 2. The success of the first part gave the film crew hope for the second part.

The film was released worldwide on April 14.

Image collections

Kgf 2 is now running successfully to garner revenue from Beast movie reviews in Tamil Nadu. Films worldwide in 5 days grossed Rs. They say it will be over Rs 600 crore.

In Tamil Nadu only yesterday Kgf 2 movie was priced at Rs. Has collected up to Rs 6 crore. In total in Tamil Nadu so far Kgf 2 is Rs. Has collected over Rs 35 crore.

It is said that the collection of the film will increase in the coming days.

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