Gargantos’ Eyeball Was Based on One of Doctor Strange 2 Fellow Avengers

Gargantos' Eyeball Was Based on One of Doctor Strange 2 Fellow Avengers
Gargantos' Eyeball Was Based on One of Doctor Strange 2 Fellow Avengers

An unusual fact about small Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness villain Gargantos has been exposed by the motion picture’s co-producer Richie Palmer, and it offers the creature one more tie to the eponymous Master of the Mystic Arts’ fellow Avenger, Scarlet Witch.

As mentioned by Palmer in the Disney+ Audio Commentary for Multiverse of Madness, which was in turn shared on the Doctor Strange Updates Twitter, the movie’s production group made use of a scan of Scarlet Witch star Elizabeth Olsen’s eyes in order to make Gargantos’ eyeball, itself being a method of foreshadowing Wanda Maximoff being Multiverse of Madness’ actual bad guy. In the film, Gargantos is sent by Wanda to catch America Chavez, just to pass away dealing with Doctor Strange and also Wong.

Relating To Scarlet Witch being a villain in the flick, Olsen mentioned that she has a goal of “always [having Wanda] have some type of development” and that she located this evolution to be “truly equipping.” She included,” [Wanda] has a new kind of confidence that we have not seen in 8 years, and also she’s actually not apologizing for anything. She feels very clear in her ideas. I find it extremely praiseworthy, and also I appreciated tossing her into this journey of madness. I believe it’s all right to play personalities that people obtain frustrated with often. I enjoy that as a star.” Furthermore, while Multiverse of Madness ended with Wanda potentially passing away, Olsen shared passion in repeating the duty once more if there’s a great story for her.

Scarlet Witch becoming a bad guy in Multiverse of Madness has created conflict among followers, yet the selection was safeguarded by the film’s author Michael Waldron, who linked it into the Disney+ Marvel Studios minimal series WandaVision. “My analysis of WandaVision is that [Wanda] challenges her pain and she lets go of the people she has under her control, but I don’t believe she necessarily resolves her grief because show, as well as I don’t assume she settles her rage,” claimed Waldron.

Waldron was not the just one to back up Wanda’s defection to villainy, as Olsen herself specified that she was satisfied with the character’s arc. Olsen went on to comment, “I think somehow it required to end where it ends eventually, as well as I’m interested regarding where we go from there.”

Directed by Sam Raimi, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+.

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