George Clooney with his Best Movies!

George Clooney is 61 years old!

George Clooney, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, celebrates his 61st birthday today!

The perfect definition of a movie star, George Clooney is somewhat old Hollywood with his undeniable charm and flamboyant presence. Clooney, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “gravity” and “Michael ClaytonHe was a humble actor before starring in big hit productions like “.

George Clooney, who started his career on sitcoms like “The Facts of Life” and “Golden Girls” in the 1980s, starred as Dr. He got a big break with his role as Doug Ross and his star has never faded since then.

George Clooney, both actor (Syriana) and producer (Slang), and has appeared in both big-budget blockbusters and smaller independent films.

Of course, Clooney’s career also went wrong from time to time. When Clooney took on the role of Batman in “Batman & Robin,” the movie received such a bad reception that Batman became a character that no one wanted to tackle for a while. Still, Clooney’s achievements are enough to overlook the minor flaws in his career.

In honor of the famous actor’s birthday, we have compiled for you the 10 best and most notable films in his career…

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