Gopi thought of finishing businessman Bhagya .. Action decision to take

Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial took her to the police station without making any mistake and the difficulty of getting Bhagya Lakshmi overnight has caused great distress to her family.

Even in this predicament, Tali’s husband, Gopi, not only supported Bhagya, but also stayed with Radhika at home and supported her without leaving her.

Bhagya’s two sons, however, have proved in court that Bhagya did nothing wrong and have now brought her back to the house where she was rescued. Gopi, who came after him, says that he went abroad and that is why he could not come home.

Gopi’s father and mother are angry at first and then leave Ivan like this. And even though Kobe’s father left in a rage to beat him up, his health did not cooperate with him.

After everyone in the house was comfortable after that, Gopi said to Bhagya, ‘Do you need all this! Quit the job of ordering food without talking, leave the family and have a house. ‘

Maybe Bhagya will become a businessman? Will she begin to outdo herself in fear of? He is going to use this time properly to keep Kobe Bagya in his hand forever.

However, Kobe will not let Ehl do what he thinks. Not only is Gopi tapping on his mother for speaking out but he is also struggling to somehow correct him and keep him with the family.

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