Gopi’s mother, who went to the peak of her anger ..

Gopi is going to marry Radhika for the second time after divorcing his wife who has been living with him for 25 years in Vijay TV’s Pakiyalakshmi serial. But none of this matter has been kept secret to this day without the knowledge of Bhagya.

Gopi’s youngest son Ehil, on the other hand, is planning to marry Amrita, who has lost her husband and is having a baby. Amrita, who initially refused to fall in love with Ezhil, soon fell in love with Ezhil after learning of his good nature.

So Cheliyan gives it to his grandmother after watching her get close with Amrita who has come home to see her beautiful grandfather. Grandma and Ehil-Amrita then discover that they are lovers who do not behave like normal friends.

After this, Ehil is going to stand on one leg and shout that I will marry Amrita, to rebuke Grandma to stay away from Amrita. Eventually he leaves home and changes his mind, eventually marrying Amrita.

And Bhagya understands the romantic love and agrees to it and is going to be supportive of the two of them joining. However, Kobe’s mother behaves so harshly that she thinks she has to give life to a woman who has lost her husband.

Surely he would not have tolerated it if he had only known the fact that his son Gopi was going to leave his daughter-in-law and marry another woman for a second marriage. So that too is going to happen as soon as possible.

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