Grab a straw hat and go on an adventure together! Visiting Thailand

The wait is over for Straw Hats fans, as Netflix has created the world of ONE PIECE for everyone to experience first-hand at “Straw Hats Unite: Unite One Piece Lovers,” Netflix’s biggest fan event, taking place in 10 countries around the world! The fan event in Thailand took place at ICON SIAM, 3rd Floor, Wattana Hall, and allowed fans and the general public to immerse themselves in the world of ONE PIECE through an iconic installation inspired by the setting and story of the story. Solo meets Luffy for the first time. Demon Fruit, Nami’s orange grove on the ship, and a lively and buzzing fan game. Fulfill your fan dreams to immerse yourself in the world of ONE PIECE.

“Straw Hats Unite: One Piece Lovers’ Unite”, a fan event in Thailand It can be called the busiest because there are leading influencers in Thailand. The team is supported by Mu Supasit, Ryu Vajiravit, Orn Paschanan, Nei Kanteera and Namsai Pichayapa. There are also media and fans. More than 200 lucky participants gathered to celebrate the milestone of ONE PIECE, the legendary manga, with a live-action version of the series.

The virtual world of ONE PIECE is only accessible to all from September 1 to 10, 2023. The Going Merry will only dock at RIVER CITY PIER 3 on 1 and 3 September. You need to hurry now!

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