Great gift for the future husband .. Nayanthara who will make you look at Kollywood

The marriage of Nayantara and Vignesh Sivan has been confirmed and is currently going hot in the Kollywood circles. The wedding, which fans have been waiting for for many years, is now set to take place.

Vignesh Sivan recently did a test drive of a car with a budget of Rs 7.5 crore. The big question is how Vignesh Sivan bought the car on his own when even the highest paid celebrities could not afford it. Most recently, he directed and produced the romantic film Kathuvakkula 2, which failed.

But Vignesh Sivan and his girlfriend Nayantara have been producing films through a production company called Rowdy Pictures and have been investing heavily in the industry. Apart from this Nayantara also owns a lip balm company.

Nayantara is also starring in the Lion movie opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood. She is one of the highest paid actresses in South Indian cinema. But Vignesh is not that market.

It has been reported that Vignesh Sivan did not buy the Ferrari but gave it to Nayantara as a wedding gift. Nayantara had already mentioned on a TV show that they were engaged and exchanged rings.

Nayantara, who is currently busy, gifted the car to Vignesh Sivan with her earnings. It has been reported that their wedding will take place on June 9 this year. The marriage is to take place at the Tirupati temple.

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