Green Hornet and Kato Movie Moving Forward with Invisible Man, Saw Director

Green Hornet and Kato Movie Moving Forward with Invisible Man, Saw Director
Green Hornet and Kato Movie Moving Forward with Invisible Man, Saw Director

As reported by Deadline, Universal Studios has currently consulted with numerous supervisors to helm the task, but insiders state Whannell is thought about a favored after he directed 2020’s The Invisible Man, a important as well as monetary success in the short window prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s also known for directing the cyberpunk thriller Upgrade, in addition to writing several installments of the Saw and Insidious franchise business with his longtime partner James Wan. David Koepp, known for writing on multiple hit movies like Jurassic Park and Spider-Man, has currently turned in a screenplay that, according to Deadline, Universal is “high up on” and eager to fast-track right into pre-production.

Debuting as a radio show in 1936, The Green Hornet told the tale of Britt Reid, an affluent paper author who covertly battled crime as a masked vigilante, aided by his dedicated chauffer Kato and also equipped with a toolbox of advanced innovation and also a tricked-out Imperial Crown called “Black Beauty.” The home became much more well-known in the 1960s thanks to a TV program starring Van Williams as the Green Hornet and a then-unknown Bruce Lee as Kato, which helped release his career in both America and also Hong Kong. The personalities have likewise shown up in film serials, comic collection as well as a 2011 movie starring Seth Rogen and also Jay Chou in the lead duties, which was met with unfavorable testimonials.

The Green Hornet and Kato isn’t the only present task featuring this residential property. In 2020, WildBrain Studios introduced that it was creating a family-friendly Green Hornet animated collection with Kevin Smith, who previously created an unproduced script for the personality that was later on adapted into a comic series by Dynamite Entertainment. According to a news release, the collection will be embeded in today day as well as “complies with the journeys of a re-imagined Green Hornet and also Kato– now the grown boy of the original Green Hornet and the daughter of the initial Kato– as they partner to fight criminal activity in Century City!”

” It’s an honor to companion the fabulous Green Hornet and also Kato into their actual own animated series for the first time in the abundant background of these iconic pop culture personalities,” Smith said in a declaration. “We’ll be telling a story of two Hornets– future and previous– that extends generations and also draws ideas from a life time spent viewing classic animations and also amazing animation like Batman: The Animated Series, Heavy Metal, and also Super Friends. I can’t believe WildBrain offered me this task as well as I can not thank them enough for the possibility to extend my childhood a little longer.”

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