Guinness World Record holder Bagya .. Uttama Purushan who put a stop

The Pakkiyalakshmi series which is airing on Vijay TV is currently waiting to come with action twists. That means Gopi has agreed to cook Bhagya again for Radhika. But no one is currently ready to buy pakiya cuisine.

Since a guest is coming to the house in this situation, Bhagya has been cooking a variety of dishes. Ehil was surprised to see this and asked how much he could cook in an hour by Pakia. In this case, Pakia claims to be able to cook 100 different dishes in an hour.

The idea is to make a record break with this. Radhika tells Gopi about this, Teacher is going to cook 100 kinds of food in an hour. Immediately Kobe speaks in his mind as if he had made such a decision not to say a single word to me. And it’s hard to cook 100 dishes in an hour like this, says Kobe.

Radhika and Pakiya Teacher are adamant that it should all be redone. And when Kobe comes home and eats, Baqia tells him about it. “You’ll definitely not be able to stand up to so many people who are ugly in the past,” says Kobe.

This is what Radhika says when she says that she is going to create a record. And as soon as Kobe says this, Kobe’s father throws away the plate.

And both Iniya and Chezhiyan are speaking out against Bhagya. But with the help of Ehil Bhagya, Bhagya is determined to achieve this feat. Thus it will be known in the coming weeks what the problem is going to be after Pakia.

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