H Vinod surpassed the leader in drinking coffee .. The fans who could not bear the headache

H Vinod, the director who made the fans look back on chess hunting as one of the heroes of Deeran. The first two films he directed were well received by the fans. It was with these films that Ajith got the opportunity to direct the film.

In this situation, the recently released strength film Ajith, Vinod alliance has received mixed reviews. Ajith also got a good name as the fight scenes in the film were very admirable. But the film failed to impress fans from all walks of life.

It was also reported at the time that Vinod Valimai had copied the story of the Metro film. In this case, some of the scenes in the movie Strength are said to have been copied from the Speed ​​movie.

Vinod has kept the bike stunt scenes featured in the Speed ​​movie intact. These scenes were well received among the fans when they were featured in the film Speed. He is accused of cheating the fans by making coffee like this.

In this situation, the news that Vinod copied the bus stunt scenes of the movie Speed ​​is spreading like wildfire on the internet. It has already been rumored that director Aadli is directing other films after copying other films from his first film Raja Rani.

Fans are baffled as to whether you have joined the ranks now. All directors like to put those scenes in their films when a scene dazzles us while watching the film. As well as being inspired by that scene and having fun putting it in the movie What?

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