Hansika has reduced her body weight and clothes

Actress Hansika Motwani has been dubbed as Chinna Khushbu by the fans as she has become a popular heroine in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi language films. She has starred in TV series as a child star before becoming a heroine.

He is currently losing weight and has become slim. But his change was not accepted by the fans. Because her fanatical fans yearn for the cuteness that Hansika had before.

Also in the bikini photo she is currently posting on her Instagram page, it looks like someone else looks like Ollikkuchi’s body. So, because of the glamor in this photo, this photo is getting more likes and shares than any other photo he has posted so far.

So after losing weight, as Hansika had expected, the monotonous slides are also coming towards him. Currently Hansika has four films in her possession, including Maha, Rowdy Baby, Vijay Chander and a film with director Kannan.

Hansika, who has been busy not only in Tamil but also in Telugu, is currently committed to films like Partner, 105 Minutes and My Nom Pitch. Hansika, who is holding such monolithic films in her hand, has been busy in acting.

So the films starring Hansika, who understands exactly what the film will do and makes it perfect, are no longer going to line up in the coming days.

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