‘Hard Hit’ Ending, Explained: Who Planted The Bomb In Mr. Lee’s Car? & Why?


In ‘Anxious Hit,’ South Korean director Kim Chang-ju narratively explores the reality that every person phrases and actions rep consequences. It’s miles available in handy after a “extra special hit” that we realize their repercussions, and if we are acutely conscious ample, we strive and fabricate amends in the in actual fact helpful formula attainable. The story follows the shuffle of a properly-established man who is overjoyed with his wealth, nonetheless his darkish previous soon tracks him down, in actual fact helpful to manufacture him realize that enviornment topic wealth can by no methodology outweigh human connections and emotions.

‘Anxious Hit’ is a remake of the 2015 Spanish movie, Retribution, directed by Dani de la Torre. The thrill and car high-tail sequences depicted in the movie also might maybe well remind the viewers of the 1994 motion thriller movie, Escape. Jo Woo-jin has completed a commendable job because the lead actor. Nonetheless, the movie falls wanting a meaty situation, and plenty of of the story unfolds in the closing 15 minutes or so. It’s miles in most cases a really extra special part in thriller narratives the attach they are attempting and conceal important records. But, in ‘Anxious Hit’, the repetition of info once in a whereas causes dullness in motion.

‘Anxious Hit’ Predicament Abstract

Lee Seong-gyu (Jo Woo-jin) is a properly off heart-outdated man who works as a heart manager at Busan’s inside most Bareun Bank. He is an funding handbook as properly, who in most cases advises his purchasers to manufacture in actual fact helpful investments that can accomplish them a hefty return. Nonetheless, in his zeal to salvage the riches of the world, Lee in most cases forgets to expend time in conjunction with his family, which has made him an estranged father. Due to the same truth, his relationship in conjunction with his valuable other isn’t on in actual fact helpful phrases both.

The movie begins as Mr. Lee decides to fall off his teenage daughter, Hye-in, and his young son, Min-joon, to varsity. Whereas the adolescents earn settled in the automobile, Mr. Lee reminds his son about an autographed soccer ball. The particular dialogue suggests the reality that Mr. Lee weighs materialistic accomplishment more than spending time in conjunction with his hang family and, once in a whereas, brings costly items for his adolescents, believing this might maybe well occupy the gap in his absence. Nonetheless, Min-joon pays no label to the soccer ball, and Mr. Lee begins the automobile with out additional ado.

Quickly, Mr. Lee finds an unknown cell cell phone ringing in his car’s glove compartment. He gets a name from a non-public number with out a caller identification. In confusion, Mr. Lee picks up the name, and an person named Jin-woo informs him that there could be a tension-sensitive bomb planted below his seat that can explode if he tries to leave the automobile. The bomber also warns Mr. Lee that he’ll detonate the bomb if his adolescents strive and leave the automobile as properly. In replace for their lives, the unknown caller demands a ransom price that he raises to more than $4 million because the story unfolds.

Who Planted The Bomb? & Why?

The unknown caller, Jin-woo, had no longer in actual fact helpful planted the bomb in Lee’s car nonetheless also focused his deputy manager. Hence, the stance established that the motive for revenge used to be connected with the inside most financial institution and its workers.

In the end, Jin-woo revealed his motive when police surrounded Mr. Lee’s car and demanded solutions from the caller. He used to be taking revenge on Mr. Lee and his inside most financial institution, Bareun Bank. Six years prior to now, the financial institution and its employers, especially Mr. Lee, adopted unfounded gross sales practices and equipped shares of Jangho chemical compounds to investors, claiming that these shares were possibility-free. Nonetheless, as a result of an unstable market, many investors suffered a estimable loss, among which used to be Jin-woo’s pregnant valuable other, Eun-young.

Mr. Lee removed the proof, and his seniors gave him a promotion for concealing their faux practices. Nonetheless, Eun-young had invested all her richly deserved money in the shares, and her livelihood relied on the manufacturing unit. Thus, she pleaded with Mr. Lee in the automobile automobile parking space to present her some advice so as that she might maybe well a minimal of earn properly the most fundamental amount. Consciously, Lee regularly knew that he had dedicated against the law, which used to be established from the principle scene itself when a police siren from his son’s toy gun insecure him to the core. Mr. Lee, despite having self-awareness, by no methodology dared to relief the victims on yarn of his desire for wealth blinded him.

After the incident, Jin-woo and Eun-young filed a lawsuit against Bareun Bank, nonetheless to file the case, they had to take hang of a loan from one more financial institution and thus were caught in a cycle of financial debt. Jin-woo told Lee that his child boy died even ahead of he used to be born, together in conjunction with his mother, who seemingly suffered a stroke or killed herself after Mr. Lee refused to relief her in her financial disaster. In the end, Lee confessed that he regularly knew that the shares of Jangho Chemical substances were a unhealthy funding, but he equipped them to carry out a hefty earnings for his financial institution. But in the aftermath, many folks died on yarn of they depended on Mr. Lee and his advice, and now he had to face the wrath of Jin-woo, who had sworn to take hang of revenge for his lost family.

‘Anxious Hit’ Ending Explained

Within the discontinuance, Mr. Lee pleaded with Jin-woo to let him shuffle and promised he would enact all the pieces in his energy to earn things correct. But Jin-woo, who lost a family, knew that nothing might maybe well ever turned into correct, and thus he refused to forgive Lee. Jin-woo determined to present up his life as properly, and he forced Lee to drive the automobile into the river if he wanted to place his daughter’s life.

The automobile drowned in the river ahead of the bomb might maybe well explode. Nonetheless, Lee survived the explosion and used to be saved by the police, who arrived at the scene at the important 2d. Mr. Lee tried to place Jin-woo’s life too, nonetheless he did now not place him.

The entire incident introduced on a swap in Mr. Lee’s persona. He determined to turned into a search against his inside most financial institution and battle for folks who were cheated by the corporates. Though Mr. Lee had destroyed the total proof against the inside most financial institution, his inside most testimony would mild be viable in the court of guidelines. Lee’s senior, the vp of the financial institution, tried to warn Lee and threaten him, nonetheless Lee had already made up his recommendations. He disconnected the name, which clearly suggested that he wouldn’t except he had introduced justice to the harmless folks. Lee can’t return in time and rectify his actions, nonetheless he mild has a replacement in the novel and future that can seemingly dispute the destiny of his persona.

‘Anxious Hit’ is a 2021 Drama Thriller movie directed by Kim Chang-ju.

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