Have you seen the father of the presenter Priyanka .. Beautiful photo taken by the two together

Hostess Priyanka

Hostess Priyanka is famous for her Super Singer show. Who was going to mix this show up was also the judge on the show.

Since then, he has hosted various shows such as Kings of Dance, Kings of Comedy Juniors, Start Music, and The Wall.

Also, Priyanka, who recently bagged the second spot in the Bigg Boss show, is currently co-hosting the PB Couples show with Raju.

Beautiful photo with father

In this case, we now have a beautiful photo taken by presenter Priyanka with her father when she was a child.

We can never forget Priyanka talking eloquently about her father when Bigg Boss was at home. Here is a photo taken by Priyanka and her father.

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