He is going to marry his girlfriend soon.

Mumbai– Bollywood and TV The wedding season is in full swing in the industry. Apart from Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, many stars have tied the knot. Meanwhile, fans want to know when the actors are going to get married. When Karan was asked about his wedding plans in a recent interview, the actor refused to divulge it.


Asked if your fans want to know if you have a wedding plan. Responding to this, the actor said, “My world is a square. I have no plans to get married and I have nothing to do. It has happened to all my friends, I am very happy about that. If everyone gets married then who will be the third wheel. In a couple of days I will definitely tell.


Let’s say that Karan had said some time ago about his wedding plans with his ex-girlfriend Uditi Singh – if I find out my wedding plans then I will tell you. Why should I keep it a secret? I don’t keep things secret, so this question doesn’t matter. I have no plans to get married yet.


For information, let us know that Karan and Aditi have been dating for many years. The actor’s girlfriend is from Chandigarh, but she lives in London. However, despite this, the two continue to express their love for each other by sharing posts for each other on social media.

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