He was the first to see the movie Beast .. Nelson did not even show it to Vijay

Beast is the film directed by Nelson Dileepkumar after Kolamavu Kokila, Doctor films. The trailer of the film, which stars Vijay as an agent of the spy agency, has been released recently and has received a huge response.

Start of reservation

With the release of the film on April 13, the reservation for the film has started today. Tickets are currently sold out at many theaters where bookings begin.

Also, bookings for several major theaters in Chennai have not yet started. Fans are waiting to see when it will start.

Who first saw the film?

In this case, after the Beast film was completed, Nelson showed it to composer Anirudh and his studio staff. Nelson says the review they say is the first review he has ever received.

Samantha in the Beast movie? Information spread by Insta Status

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