Headless commander .. Romance heroine praising Vijay

The Beast movie starring Vijay has received mixed reviews but many are saying that it has been well received in terms of collections. Currently, Vijay is playing the role of Commander 66 in the Telugu film directed by Vamsi Bidybili.

Actress Priyanka Mohan is currently the leading actress in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages. He made his Tamil debut in the Tamil film Doctor opposite Sivakarthikeyan directed by Nelson Dileep Kumar.

Then again with Sivakarthikeyan, the film starring Priyanka Mohan in the movie Dawn directed by Sibich Chakraborty will be released on the 13th. In this context, Priyanka Mohan has praised Commander Vijay in a recent interview.

In that interview, Priyanka Mohan and Vijay praised my doctor after watching the movie. He also mentioned a film I had acted in in Telugu and praised me.

Did you see all our pictures with Priyanka Mohan and Vijay then? As asked. Priyanka Mohan has said that Vijay told her that I will watch everyone’s movie.

Hearing this, the fans said that Vijay is a mass actor who is at the peak of cinema today. But now Commander fans are carving out on social media that there is not even the slightest hint of speaking in a way that inspires all of the emerging cast.

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