Here is the full details of how much Kgf 2 collected by Yash worldwide – yesterday’s low collection!

Actor Yash Kgf 2 has become a big hit actor in Indian cinema after the film. It is true that Yash was not so popular beyond Kannada cinema before that.

Directed by Prasanth Neil, the film was dubbed into Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The film has gained a great deal of reach in all languages.

At present, at the end of 12 days, Rs. 930.55 crore.

Well let’s see how much the film has collected every day around the world.

  1. 164.20 crore
  2. 128.90 crore
  3. 137.10 crore
  4. 127.25 crore
  5. 66.35 crore
  6. 52.35 crore
  7. 43.15 crore
  8. 31.05 crore
  9. 25.05 crore
  10. 55.85 crore
  11. 69.30 crore
  12. 30 crore

On the 12th day of the film’s collection is seen to be declining, but by the end of the week, the film is said to start hunting again in cinema circles.

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