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Actor Surya is one of the leading actors in Tamil cinema and one of the best actors. Films starring him have been consistently well received. Surya is credited with changing the trend that the films of great actors in theaters during the Corona period were released in theaters.

We are just going to look at the list of the best movies ever released starring Surya as such a top actor.


Nanda, a 2001 film co-produced by director Bala and actor Surya, has not had any major hits for Surya. It was in such a situation that this Nanda movie was released and became a smash hit. It can be said that Nanda’s film has impressed everyone with its unique performance by Surya. Nanda will be the top film if you look at it as one of the best films in Surya’s film career. Surya and Bala both bagged awards for their critically acclaimed film.

Defend to defend

Surya starrer Gautham Menon directed the 2003 blockbuster film Kaakka Kaakka. The story of the film is about how Pandya and his gang Anbuchelvan, who has been committing many crimes in the city, are caught by his personalities and thus the losses incurred by him. Taken in a completely different style, Kaakka Kaakka is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite Surya movie.


Ghajini is a 2005 film directed by AR Murugadoss and co-produced by Surya. Surya’s performance as a character suffering from Alzheimer’s disease surprised everyone. No one can forget his role as Sanjay Ramasamy even today. No one can deny that Ghajini, with its lively storyline of Murugadoss, is one of the best films ever released in Surya’s screenplay.


One of the best commercial films in Tamil cinema is Ayan, a 2009 film directed by KV Anand and starring Surya. The blockbuster film Ion was a smash hit, surprising everyone with its brilliant storyline. This ion movie has attracted not only Surya fans but also fans from all walks of life. Such a great film Ayan is definitely one of Surya’s major films.

The lion

The Surya-Hari alliance has a huge fan base, according to which the alliance released their 2010 film Singam. The Lion blockbuster, which was released with Surya’s majestic character with a lively storyline, was a success. The lion setting of the trend setting film was remade in various languages. Surya’s market-growing fame Singam will join the fray.

Soora Praise & Jay Beam

Surya’s next two best films were released live on OTT. Surya became a big comeback for Surya, who would have played the role of Surya Mara in the upcoming biopic Surya. It was first released on OTT and became a hugely successful film praising Sura.

The following year, Surya’s Jai Beam was released, and Surya Chandru played the lead role in the biopic. Jay Beam movie was released and brought social awareness to everyone. That was the biggest hit of the film.

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