High concept thriller ‘Click Shankar’ will be directed by Balaji Mohan

Mumbai (Bureau) – Wild Pictures, known for its stunning catalogs in movies, has announced the high concept thriller ‘Click Shankar’. The character of the film, Shankar Ribeiro, who will be a policeman, is quite interesting, who will always remember the scene once seen.

At the same time, one can never forget the touch, voice test and smile, but with a faster click than the photographic memory recall, everything that is ever seen, heard or felt is absorbed in the eyes.

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He will be a unique character in his own way of solving the mystery, who is funny as well as an inspector.

Shankar Ribeiro has a rare disease called hyperthermia, which enables him to remember every event of life (as opposed to Ghajini’s famous character) and make sure he never forgets the past.

Khatri Maza (Khatrimaza.uno) – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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