Hindi is the national language: Ajay Devgan retaliates against Kannada actor! Fight on Twitter

KGF2 movie has Kannada cinema looking back at the whole of India. Currently it is making a record collection not only in South Indian languages ​​but also in Hindi.

Hindi films fail: Sudeep

Speaking at a function about KGF’s huge box office receipts, Kannada actor Sudeep said, “You say that a pan indian film has been made in Kannada. I would like to make a small change in it. Hindi is not the national language. They are also making pan Indian films in Bollywood. Even if it is dubbed in Telugu and Tamil, it will not be a success. Today we We have a winning film everywhere. “

Hindi is the national language: Ajay Devgan

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn has responded to Sudeep’s comment. “Hindi is not the national language for you, then why are you dubbing your mother tongue film in Hindi. Hindi has always been our mother tongue and national language,” he said.

Ajay Devgan’s tweet is currently pouring oil on the ‘Hindi vs Other Languages’ issue. On Twitter the two sides alternately engage in conflict of opinion.

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