Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 4: What’s in Store?


Hilde continues to chip away at the mystery surrounding the dead fish and birds in the small town of Erie Harbor and gets close to getting some definitive answers but is thwarted at the last moment. Her suspicions about her grandfather’s ailments being connected to the dead animals further deepen the mystery and its repercussions. With the young ace reporter coming up against a dead-end at the close of episode 3 but vowing to continue looking for answers, you’re probably as excited as us about ‘Home Before Dark’ season 2 episode 4. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming episode.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Home Before Dark’ season 2 episode 4 is set to release on July 2, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV . New episodes of the show premiere every Friday, with the season finale scheduled for August 13, 2021. In total, season 2 has 10 episodes, each lasting approximately 1 hour.

Where to Stream Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 4 Online?

The show is an original Apple production and therefore, ‘Home Before Dark’ season 2 episode 4 is available exclusively on their streaming platform, Apple TV . New episodes of ‘Home Before Dark’ season 2, as well as season 1 in its entirety, can be streamed through the Apple platform, which also offers a free 1-week trial.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers

Episode 4 is going to have Hilde try and figure out another way to prove that the pond at Pinewood Park was heavily toxic. With the new community garden built on the pond, she can no longer get a sample of water from it. However, the ailing bird that she has been taking care of might provide a solution to Hilde’s dilemma. She could have the bird examined to see what poisoned it. This could also help the young reporter figure out whether her grandfather was poisoned by the pond or not.

Hilde’s newly cultivated friendship with officer Frankie, son of the vainglorious ex-Sheriff Frank Briggs, will also likely help her in the upcoming episode. With her friend Trip occupied with his duties as Erie Harbor’s new Sheriff, Hilde and her friends have a hard time getting information at the police station. They are finally helped by Frankie, and it looks like they will be helped by him again, possibly in figuring out the secret behind the mysterious new community garden.

Frankie’s troubled relationship with his father continues, though seeing him help Sheriff Trip seems to soften Frankie’s demeanor a little. In the upcoming episode, we could see Frank Sr. try to further mend his ways and even talk to Sam like his son suggested. This could also help solve the last remaining questions about the decades-old Richie Fife kidnapping, which Hilde helps solve in season 1.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 opens with Hilde and her father figuring out that the pond in Pinewood Park is poisoned. Hilde promptly publishes an article about it, taking the town officials to task. Soon enough, she discovers clandestine industrial activity taking place at the pond, and a new community garden, funded by a nameless corporate sponsor, is set up. Hilde is disappointed by this, as it permanently prevents her from getting a water sample from the pond to test it for toxic chemicals that might have killed the birds and fish.

Her biggest regret is that she will now be unable to get to the bottom of what ails her grandfather. Initially thought to have been Alzheimer’s, Hilde believes her grandfather is suffering from the toxic effects of the pond and was therefore eager to investigate the contents of its water until it got covered up by the community garden. At the end of episode 3, however, she vows to continue looking for answers.

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