When Halloween started to roll around in 2020, enthusiasts were looking forward to embracing the spirit of the spooky season in hopes of offering a glimmer of joy in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, with The Home Depot delivering one of the most unexpected delights with its 12-foot-tall skeleton. While the prop might have come with hefty price tag, its sheer size and detailed construction made it the surprise go-to item for home decorators, only for the skeleton to sell out quickly in stores and online. To the delight of many, Home Depot brought the skeleton back for 2021, as well as introducing an “Inferno Pumpkin” variant, both of which went on sale today.

While the debut of the prop last year resulted in it being a viral sensation, its popularity has only grown since Halloween fans first met it, as both versions of the prop quickly sold out online, with many fans even waiting up until midnight to be the first to secure the skeleton. Given the excitement surrounding the prop, fans are surely hoping that the items will be restocked so they can add the impressive figures to their Halloween festivities.

Scroll down to see what fans are saying about the massive prop and keep your eyes on The Home Depot’s official website for updates on the skeletons.

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I’m currently stalking the Home Depot website waiting for the 12′ skeleton restock. We were too late last year, but we’re determined to get one this time around.

— Gabrielle Belisle (@Gbelisle13) July 16, 2021


True Love

If you really loved me, you would buy me the giant home depot skeleton.

— ExtraSuperVeryStrange (@TwitchEddy) July 16, 2021


Purchased Immediately

Did I wake up and immediately order the 12 ft talk skeleton from Home Depot? Yes yes I did.

— Talisman 💀🧟‍♀️ (@tracie2chainz) July 16, 2021


Haloween Camaraderie

I’m in a Facebook group dedicated to the 12 foot Skeleton from Home Depot, and watching everyone in the group help each other out last night as the 2021 Halloween decorations went live on the Home Depot website was just great. I love the camaraderie amongst Halloween lovers. 🎃

— Erica (@Tak3Th3Sh0t) July 16, 2021


Necessary Purchase

i can’t wait until i make enough money to blow it on unnecessary home decor like the 12 ft skeleton from home depot

— Hailsss ❁❁❁ (@HayleyBalls_) July 16, 2021


Want It So Bad

I want the 12 foot skeleton from Home Depot even though I live in a one bedroom apartment. I did not get the 12 foot skeleton when it went on sale this year. I want it so bad. Who will find me the 12 foot skeleton.

— Alexa Ray Corriea (@AlexaRayC) July 16, 2021