How Dayanara Torres will celebrate her 30 years of being crowned Miss Universe

How Dayanara Torres will celebrate her 30 years of being crowned Miss Universe

The years have passed very quickly and a clear example of this is that in this 2023 it will be 30 years since dayanra torres was crowned as miss Universe, precisely on May 21, 1993, changing his life completely and opening many doors internationally and not only in Puerto Rico.

As you can imagine, that date is very important to her, so she cannot let it go by and, despite the fact that that day is still months away, the television host is already getting ready for what will be her celebration, just as she herself has revealed it in her accounts social media.

the ex-wife of Mark Anthony She spoke a little about how special that day is for her in her entire life and she also made a curious request that will help her celebrate the way she wants to. Thus, if you are a fan of hers, you cannot stop reading this note, because you will surely want to participate in the dynamics that we will explain.


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How Will Dayanara Torres Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of Her Coronation?

The Puerto Rican model made a live broadcast on your instagram account, with whom she spoke about how important 2023 will be in her life, as she will celebrate 30 years from the day she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the eyes of the entire world, in a fact she will never forget.

It is so that he spoke about his preparations for that day, so he has had a fantastic idea, which includes his fans from all over the world. And it is that his way of commemorating that day will be with something that he has asked his followers on social networks.

According to her words, Dayanara wants her fans to send her all the photos and videos in which she appears , regardless of whether it turns out good or bad, since she wants to collect all those memories and transform them into a collage that will have a very significant value. in her.

“This year I celebrate my 30th anniversary of being crowned Miss Universe and I would love for you to post your photos with me. Soon I will make a collage or a video to repost. Remember to tag me in the photo (not in the caption). Thank you for so many years of love and affection, I love you ,” Torres wrote.

When Dayanara Torres Won The Miss Universe

If we go back to 1993, exactly the day the Puerto Rican won Miss Universe, we will surely remember that she was only 18 years old when she was crowned and that she battled in the final against two other competitors from the American continent.

And it is that in front were two girls named Paula Andrea Betancur Arroyave from Colombia and Milka Yelisava Chulina Urbanich from Venezuela, who were in second and third place, respectively.

Personal Data Of Dayanara Torres

  • Full name: Dayanara Torres Delgado
  • Place of birth:Toa Alta
  • Nationality: Puerto Rican
  • Birthday: October 28
  • Year of birth:1974
  • Age: 47 years
  • Height: 70m (5′7′’)
  • Spouse:Marc Anthony (2000-2004)

Why Will Dayanara Torres Travel To The Philippines?

During a participation in “El gordo y la flaca”, the model revealed that she plans to join a film project, so she will travel to the Philippines, a country she has visited in the past.

” I’m going to make a movie in January ,” the presenter briefly explained, who also added that fate is of great importance in her career as a beauty queen.


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