How did you buy this yourself .. Arun Pandian who attacked Vijay and Ajith!

Currently the top stars of Kollywood are Vijay and Ajith. Producer and actor Arun Pandian has attacked the names of the two.

Arun Pandian

Actor Arun Pandian spoke at a film festival today. He then claimed that he had acted in the film Anbirkiniyal after 18 years. He says the film was a big turning point for him and his daughter.

Talk about attacking Ajith Vijay

What Arun Pandian said after attacking Ajith Vijay ..

“Everything in the golden age of Tamil cinema was when Bharathiraja was making films. Now everything is not like that. All language films are now flying the flag in Tamil Nadu.”

“Neither the recent Ajith film nor the Vijay film costs money for cinema. They spend for themselves. How can they make a film if they buy 90 per cent. I strongly condemn this.”

“Then everything goes to 10 percent of the salary. The other 90 percent was for filming,” he says.

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