How does a married couple get married? Vignesh, Tips given by Nayan

Nayantara and Vignesh Sivan are getting married in a way. Fans have been eagerly awaiting when the couple, who have been in a living relationship for almost a year, will get married. Now it is time for a break.

Nayantara, who is a superstar in Kollywood, has been postponing her marriage as she wants to earn while in her market. But many from the Vignesh Shiva family were rushing to the wedding.

Vignesh Sivan has also told Nayanthara about this several times. But now in a way Nayantara has agreed to the marriage. Their wedding is said to take place on June 9 in Tirupati. A grand reception is also expected in Chennai.

In this case, Adi and Nikki Kalrani were staying in the same apartment where Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan were staying. They were recently engaged. Their engagement photos went viral on the internet.

Their wedding will take place on May 18. Thus it is rumored in the Kollywood circles that Nayantara will get married soon if she stays with her girlfriend in the Hyris apartment where she is staying in Egmore.

Thus it is said that many celebrities who are in a living relationship are invading that apartment. Vignesh Sivan sighs that the big thing is to say OK to Nayantara’s wedding somehow.

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