How Eiza Gonzalez and Liam Hemsworth met

How Eiza Gonzalez and Liam Hemsworth met

“Happy to support a Latina who is breaking her down! Happy that you are back making music, Shakira,” he wrote. Eiza Gonzalez on his Twitter account in favor of Shakira. However, after sending this message, she was showered with a series of insults and criticism as several users reminded her that years ago she was accused of having gotten into the relationship between the American singer and the Hollywood actor.

even, Eiza Gonzalez She was compared to Clara Chía, implying that she was in a case of infidelity. And it is that in 2013, Liam Hemsworth and the Mexican actress were caught kissing, just a few days after he and Miley Cyrus They announced their breakup. But how did they meet? Here we tell you.

How Did Eiza González And Liam Hemsworth Meet?

Eiza González and Liam Hemsworth were romantically linked when they were caught kissing in Las Vegas on September 15, 2013, just days after the Hollywood actor and Miley Cyrus announced their separation.

At that time it was speculated that Eiza González and Liam Hemsworth had a brief romance, although none of them confirmed that they were dating.

After being caught together, the entertainment press stated that the relationship between them was beginning to prosper, as they were seen as affectionate and happy. But in October of that same year it was announced that they had finished.

“I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I’ve baked some girls in the past ,” said the actor from “The Hunger Games” in November 2013 in an interview with the show “Extra”, he recalled.

At that time, the protagonist of the soap opera “Lola, once upon a time” was accused of having gotten into the relationship of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, a former partner who had an intermittent relationship.

In fact, on social networks, the Mexican actress received a lot of criticism for “messing” with a committed man. She has denied this accusation and on several occasions has stated that she has never been involved in cases of infidelity.


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