How is it going on in the world with the Mahito of “Patchface” in the Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito’s story of Jujutsu Kaisen is undoubtedly interesting, and there are a lot of things we could say about him, but in this article we will focus on a more trivial matter, since we will discuss one of Mahito’s nicknames in the series. That is, the protagonists who faced Mahito in the series called him “Patchface”, as he was known among them. In this article we will talk about Mahito and why he is called “Patchface” in the series.

The rest of this article will focus on Mahito as we explain his story and his appearance in the series. Mahito is obviously a very important villain, and although the incident in Shibuya also ends his participation in the series, his influence is definitely significant and people are very interested in learning more about him. This is what motivated us to write this article, and we hope that you will find everything you are looking for in this article. Of course, the article will also contain a significant amount of spoilers, so be careful when approaching certain parts of the article.

Let’s start with Mahito’s story so that you know why the guy is so important for the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen. Mahito is the leader of a group of powerful curses at a special level, whose goal is to exterminate humanity and create a world inhabited only by curses and a curse that arises from hatred between people. Mahito is sadistic and immature and loves to play with human emotions even when his life is in danger; his personality is quite childish in this regard.

He believes that life has no value or meaning, so everyone should do what he wants. This way of thinking is based on his ability to sense and manipulate souls, which makes him see the soul, and therefore also the heart, as nothing more than an object. His cursed technique, called idle transfiguration, allows him to manipulate the souls of himself and other people, changing the shape of the body. This is a rather terrible technique, as we will explain.

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This allows him to turn the bodies of his victims into monsters that serve him, heal his wounds, turn his limbs into weapons and grant him an unlimited variety of other possible transformations. In addition, Mahito is an exceptionally skillful and extremely fast fighter. These abilities together make him one of the most dangerous villains of the entire series.

Interestingly, just like Jogo and the other members of his group, he really believed in the matter, and there was a kind of twisted friendship between them (the group also included Jogo, Hanami and Dagno), which was confirmed when Mahito was sad and shocked to learn that Gojo had exorcised Hanami. During the Shibuya incident, he is defeated by Yuji with the help of AOI Todo, but before the two manage to kill him, he is absorbed by Kenjaku through Geto’s innate technique, thus becoming part of Kenjaku’s arsenal of cursed spirits.

As you can see, Mahito’s story is fascinating. Although it ends very twisted, since Kenjaku basically “ate” him, he is still one of the most notorious characters in the series, mainly because he is directly responsible for Nanami’s death, as well as for Nobara’s condition . not to mention the countless people he has turned into monsters.

This story explains why the protagonists (and fans) would hate Mahito and why they would invent a fake nickname for him, since he was not really respected by anyone due to his vile nature. And this is clear. But why “Patchface”? The nickname obviously concerns Mahito’s appearance, so let’s see how and why.

Mahito, unlike other curses, has a completely humanoid appearance, which is quite rare in truly cursed spirits, since they always look grotesque; not to say that Mahito does not do this, but he looks more or less like a human being. He has a slim and tall body; however, he can change the entire structure of his body and turn it into anything he wants.

Her skin tone is light and a little pale. His hair is gray-blue, although he was also depicted with purple colors; it is long and divided into three strands, which are held together by a ribbon before it reaches the tip of the hair. Her eyes have different colors; the right one is light and the left one is dark. In the anime, the right one is depicted in gray, and the left one in blue.

Her signature outfit consists of a black scarf with prints of messy lines, divided into three parts on the left sleeve, accompanied by matching trousers. In the anime, this outfit is depicted entirely in blue and black, and the scarf has a pattern of lines connecting into squares. He wears white shoes with black patterns.

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He can reveal his true form as a curse by using the distorted Death Instant spirit body. The structure of his body is completely changing: he loses his human face, his body becomes muscular, dagger-like blades emerge from his arms, a long tail grows, and a series of bangs or twisted waves emerge from his head. Even in this form, he manages to keep certain features of his body ‘patched up’. And there we are. Patchwork!

That is, if you look at Mahito’s visual appearance in the series, you will notice that his entire face, as well as most of his body, are covered with spots; this seems to be a hallmark for him, since it is present even in his instant spirit body in a distorted killing form. It is not known whether he can remove them (he probably could with his strength), but it is they who make mahito-mahito.

Because they did not like him, the protagonists gave him the nickname “patchface” because his entire face was covered with spots. And that’s the whole story for you – quite simple, but still interesting!

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