How much did Beast, KGF 2 collect in Chennai yesterday? – Full details

Beast, directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Vijay, was released on the 13th.

Vijay’s 65th film Beast was celebrated by a large number of fans. But that celebration did not last long after its release, due to the poor reviews that came with the film.

But if the film goes on a collection hunt on the 3rd day it is only by the name of someone named Vijay, everyone knows this.

Beast KGF 2 movie collections

KGF 2 is being screened in many major theaters in Chennai instead of Beast. So day by day little by little the collections for the Beast film have started to decline.

Currently on the 3rd day in Chennai Beast movie Rs. 1.41 crore. The film is priced at Rs. 4.98 crore.

Similarly, Kgf 2 movie was released in Chennai yesterday for Rs. At the end of 2 days, the film grossed Rs. 1.42 crore.

Kgf2, Vijay’s Beast- Fans saddened by the drop in collections yesterday over the RRR film

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