How much is the ticket price for Vijay’s Beast movie to see FDFS? – Shocked fans

Tamil Nadu fans eagerly waiting for Vijay’s Beast movie. The film is set to release on April 13 and the production team is busy working on it.

On the other hand, fans are vying for FDFS tickets.

Ticket price

Normally the films of young actors are released but the ticket price is not as fixed by the government. Vijay movie is a different release and now there are theaters that sell high ticket prices in between as there is only earning.

Fans will also buy tickets no matter how expensive the FDFS must be.

Similarly, in the main theater in Chennai, the 4 o’clock show for Rs. 1000 tickets are on sale.

Some fans are shocked to see this.

Vijay fans suddenly engaged in a struggle! Police baton

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