Hyderabad is thrilled to see Vijay .. Commander who teaches the younger generation

Vijay is currently starring in the Vamsi directed film Commander 66. The film stars Rashmika Mandana, Sarathkumar and many more. It is said to be a family sentiment story. With the initial shooting of the film over, there are still 15 days left for the shooting in Hyderabad.

Vijay is currently in Hyderabad for this. Filming for Commander 66 is underway there. For this, Vijay is staying at a 5 star hotel near the shooting site. Vijay, who comes daily at 10 am, attends the shooting till 6 pm.

He participates in the filming correctly without missing a single day and finishes the job given to him exactly. And Vijay will not be able to go inside the caravan and retire after the shooting is over. A casual add-on is sitting right where the shooting is taking place.

Immediately after that he will be ready for the next shot. Vijay goes into the caravan only at meal time. But the current young cast is waiting to go into the caravan as soon as Chad can.

Some actors do not come on time for filming. And the news that existing actors do not value senior actors is now widely talked about. But Vijay is an example of all these.

The next generation of actors who have seen him need to learn. Also, Hyderabad fans who saw Vijay in the film are surprised that Vijay is such a dedicator. And this is why Vijay is still a dirty actor.

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