I am nothing more than Soda .. Simbu who has been thriving for a long time

There has always been competition between the two actors from that time to the present. For example MGR, Shivaji followed by Rajini, Kamal following this there is currently a rivalry between Vijay and Ajith fans.

The next generation of Dhanush and Simbu are currently facing stiff competition. Dhanush entered the cinema at a young age and is now growing exponentially. But Simbu came to acting in cinema in his childhood.

There was a huge slip in the middle as Simbu was initially giving hit pictures. And was embroiled in many controversies. Thus the conference film became a blockbuster hit for Simbu who had suffered for many years for not being able to give a hit film. Following this, Simbu is currently starring in several films such as Kaadu and Corona Kumar.

In this situation, Dhanush has been acting in Bollywood and Hollywood films beyond Kollywood cinema. He has improved his acting and is showing amazing acting in films. In this situation, Dhanush has won the National Award for Best Actor for his film Aadukalam and Asuran.

Currently, Simbu and Dhanush have been making a lot of mistakes in films as I am not a slacker. In this situation, Simbu recently got a doctorate. However, Simbu is sad that he has not yet received a national award like Sagittarius.

Simbu has also been working hard to convince Vida that he will definitely buy Dhanush, who came after him in cinema, when he won the National Award. Also, with so many films currently lined up for Simbu there is definitely a high chance of him knocking off the National Award.

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