I am sadhuvaytampa .. “I am God” Bala is not worth becoming

Following the success of director Bala and actor Surya’s Nanda, Bala is directing Surya’s 41st film again 20 years after Pitamagan. The film develops with a storyline centered on the fisherman issue.

But the problem for Bala and Surya is that social networking sites are currently buzzing. Surya, Bala has walked out of the shooting of the film. The myth goes that if the problem is over for both of them.

Meanwhile none of that news is true The first schedule of shooting is over. This means that the shooting for the film has been going on for 34 days in Kanyakumari and the first phase of shooting has been completed and the next phase of shooting is going to take place in Goa next June.

That is why Surya had backed up from Kanyakumari before the shooting was over. But someone has stirred up a hoax in the film crew. The problem has become between Surya- Bala. The film crew could not be so convinced that they had created a huge myth that Surya had left.

But now Bala is not like before man has become very calm. He seems to have changed a lot after the divorce. He is also showing that I am not a role model. I have become as quiet as God. Bala behaves calmly as if he is angry and not going to achieve anything but it looks like a terror to see him in the film.

Because to that extent Bala would scold them without even knowing what word was coming out of his mouth if he didn’t get the acting he wanted without looking at who was on the set. So the cast of actors in his film will be a little nervous on the set. But then Bala is different and now Bala is proving to be different.

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