I am the master of the school you went to .. Pan India movie starring Kamal 26 years ago

Kamal Haasan is a lifeline of Tamil cinema who is not only interested in acting but also in various other fields. He is proud to have introduced many innovative things that Tamil fans and Tamil cinema have never discovered before.

That is why he is celebrated by the fans as the Lord and the Man of the World. In that sense, he has shown his acting skills in many films and has surprised everyone.

But the Indian film starring him in the 90s stunned us. Directed by Brahmananda Shankar and produced by AM Ratnam, the film grossed crores of rupees. Now a trend called Pan India movie is on the rise in Tamil cinema.

But the world hero is proud to have made such a film almost 2626 years ago. At the time of the film’s release, there were no magazines that did not appreciate Shankar’s skillful direction and Kamal’s emotional performance.

Released in 1996, the film was released in Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu. The film also broke the box office record of the time.

It would have been awkward for Kamal to be a warrior fighting for freedom and an old character to prevent corruption. Also, the character who commits suicide as a bribe-taker due to his father’s anger will be rocking the bar.

Even now, if the film airs on television, fans will flock to see it. This special film has won many awards including the Government of Tamil Nadu Award and the Filmfare Award. In addition, three people, including Kamal Haasan, who excelled in this, received national awards.

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