I can not even think of this in my dreams .. Vikram Prabhu was amazed by what Rajini did

Vikram Prabhu made his debut in Tamil cinema with the film Kumki. Even though he comes with the identity of Shivaji Ganesan’s grandson, Prabhu’s son, he is still struggling to win at the box office.

In this situation, Vikram Prabhu starrer Danakaran has been released on Hotstar and is getting good response.

After watching the film, Rajini called him and complimented him. Vikram Prabhu tweeted that he did not even dream of it.

Vikram Prabhu says, “It’s a great feeling to get a congratulatory phone call from a superstar after watching my performance. I have achieved something I never even dreamed of. If you follow your passion, such great things will happen in life.”

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